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Marine Film Works


We specialize in marine film services with an emphasis on service. We will take you from pre-production all the way to wrapping your project, and handle all the logistics in between. We provide marine coordination services, scouting, launch service, tug and barge service. High speed vessels, specialty vessels, ships, ferries. Captains, crew, medics, divers, logistical support, location support, and technical support. In addition we have a vast knowledge of the San Francisco Bay, it's strong currents, changing weather, and tidal variances. For your scouting needs we can find the perfect location for your film project, either in the Bay, or along the rugged North coast of California.

We have worked on major motion pictures, numerous commercials, documentaries, music videos, large aquatic sporting events. We have worked with the Discovery and History channels on many productions. Fox Sports, CBS Sports, ESPN, ABC Sports


Selected Clients



  • Disney, Marvel, "Ant-Man and the Wasp" (Marine Coordinator)

  • Sony, L. O. Z. , "Venom" (Marine Coordinator)

  • Paramount, Brighton Falls , "Bumble Bee" (Marine Coordinator)

  • Warner Brothers, Newline Cinema, "San Andreas" (Marine Coordinator, S. F. )

  • "Terminator Genysis" (Marine Coordinator S. F. )

  • Nautilus Productions Warner Brothers "Godzilla" (Marine coordinator, S. F. )

  • Indy film "The Rift" (Associate producer / Marine coordinator)

  • Lucas Film "Star Wars Episode III" (Marine coordination for Industrial Light and magic marine FX)

  • Paramount Pictures "Twisted" (Provided boats crews marine logistical support)

  • Feature film "Hidalgo" (Marine coordination for Industrial Light and Magic marine FX)

  • Feature Film "Triple X State of the Union" (worked in the marine 1st unit)

  • Warren miller productions (Marine coordinator and Marine support for filming on the S.F. Bay and pacific Ocean)


  • Amazon prime video “Goliath” (Marine coordinator)

  • Facebook / Iconoclast super bowl commercial 2020 “ Wanna rock” (Marine coordinator)

  • Netflix “Sense 8” (Marine coordinator)

  • Banana Republic fashion shoot (Marine coordinator)

  • Paramount, Netflix, 13 Reasons Why (Marine coordinator)

  • Paramount, Netflix, The OA (Marine coordinator)

  • CBS, Amazing Race (Marine coordinator)

  • Travel Channel, Mysteries at the Museum New Evidence (Marine coordinator)

  • Logan Media, Apple (Marine coordinator)

  • Chase Jarvis (Marine coordinator Polyform shoot)

  • Radical Productions Lexus "Flashbulbs" (Marine coordinator)

  • Reactor Films (Marine coordinator for Accenture commercial filmed on Bodega bay, North of San Francisco)

  • Lorimar Productions (Marine coordinator for "Ripleys believe it or not" on San Francisco Bay)

  • Harvest Productions (Marine coordinator, Toyota commercial in heavy surf, North Coast of California)

  • Crossroads Productions (Marine coordinator, Nissan commercial)

  • HSI Productions (Marine coordinator, Nike commercial in uncharted estero North coast)

  • radical Productions (Marine coordinator, 4 Visa commercials on the S.F. Bay)

  • Ralph lauren (Marine Coordinator, catalog shoot aboard large yacht)

  • IMG (International Management group- Marine coordinator, Camera crews & Talent for Escape from Alcatraz Triathlon. 5 Years)

  • TWI (Trans World international - Marine coordinator for various sporting events on the S.F. Bay)

  • History channel (Numerous projects on the S.F. Bay as Marine coordinator)

  • Discovery channel (Numerous projects on the S.F. Bay as Marine coordinator)

  • Oracle (Shooting high speed sailing race boats)

  • FOX Sports & Local news

  • CBS Sports

  • NBC Sports

  • ABC Sports


  • CNN

  • NBC 

  • BBC

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